Via Vitae is a young-adult a cappella choir with singers from all around Norway.

Our members have varied musical backgrounds, ranging from people studying musical subjects full time to skilled amateur singers. We share a passion for singing choral music at a high level while maintaining a great social atmosphere.

We put on performances roughly five times a year, usually at a church somewhere in Norway, though we have been known to occasionally take our music across the borders and perform abroad. We’ve performed in larger cities such as Oslo, Stavanger, Kristiansand, and Harstad, as well as in smaller towns and villages such as Førde, Jeløy, Tingvoll, and Rakkestad. We’ve also participated in festivals such as Europa Cantat in Pécs, Hungary (2015) and Jakobs Dagar in Jakobstad, Finland (2011).

Via Vitae was established in 2004 with roots in the summer camp of the Norwegian organization Ung Kirkesang with the conductor, Lars Kristian Håkestad Eliassen, being one of the initiators. He remains the conductor and the artistic director of the choir. The name of the choir, Via Vitae, is Latin for “The Road of Life”.

A member of Via Vitae will get plenty of memorable experiences, visiting new places with a great group of singers. We aim not only to produce great musical experiences, both for ourselves and for our audiences, but also to have a great time singing together. The choir has become a tightly knit group of friends who share an enthusiasm for singing.

If you would be interested in Via Vitae visiting your congregation or city, or if you would like to sponsor the choir, please get in touch!